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Post by Landsend on Sat Apr 14, 2018 10:46 pm

VPLA is a private forum, where the majority of the content is only available to registered users. This is to maintain a private, safe atmosphere for mature users. We do not permit users under the age of 16 for this reason.

All registered users are required to introduce themselves prior to a moderator approving their account. Although this is a private forum, we ask all users to be mindful of their own, and others privacy, both of persons living and dead. We therefore ask all users to think twice before explicitly revealing their identities, both past, and present.

The forum topic is reincarnation and war, but discussion of other past life memories from other lives is permitted in the appropriate areas. The aim of this forum is to provide a safe place to share experiences, knowledge, and to support other members. We understand that some memories are less pleasant than others, but we also have the understanding that sharing these memories can be therapeutic and helpful. For this reason, we ask all users to use reasonable discretion when posting content of a graphic nature, and to minimize as much as possible the explicitness of their wording.  ALL USERS MUST EXPLICITLY FOREWARN OTHERS AND CLOSE THE CONTENT OF THE POST WITHIN A 'SPOILER' WHEN POSTING CONTENT OF A GRAPHIC NATURE. REPEATED FAILURE TO ABIDE TO THIS RULE WILL RESULT IN THE USERS ACCOUNT BEING CLOSED. We aim to be a place of support, above all, and this type of discretion is of optimum importance. Any content which is of a graphic nature, and related to any ongoing illegal activity is strictly prohibited.

We also do not permit discussion of other esoteric matters, or other phenomenon. VPLA's core focus is a skeptical approach using fact-finding and historical research to provide evidence for reincarnation.

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